Creative UX Designer and CRO-Specialist [REMOTE]

This is not a normal job.

We're looking for a designer constrained by logic/reason in their design; focused on the minimal viable solution to create the desired impact; and which has a fundamental understanding of conversion-optimization techniques. It could be as few as 3 hrs/wk, but the sky is the limit as ROI drives us. But that's not important yet.

How about we start here:

Normal Job:
Your boss tells you what to do.
Your boss tells you how to do it.

Nadine West:
You decide what to do based on our goals.
We figure out how to do it.
You change the company.

What Is The Role?

We prefer not to box you into a specific label. We don't want to confuse 'skills' with 'jobs'.

How do you do your job?

1. Identify Problems (what's holding us back from hitting our goals)
2. Solve Problems (as fast as you can)


What You Bring To The Table

You love the art and science of design (typography, tools, flow, aesthetics).
You love the thrill of increasing conversion-rate. It's like a game.

We trust your logical decision-making.

You'll have the freedom to gather insights, talk to users, look at data.
Your ideas are only as good as the effects they produce on the user-behavior. We don't design for the sake of design. We design for the user.


We want you to lead.
You don't follow direction, you create direction.
Push our pace. You accept nothing less than the A-game of those around you.
Call B.S. when you see it.
Sloppy execution = B.S.
Opinions w/o Evidence = B.S.
Let's call each other out.


We're a lean team. Every person wears many hats. You'll need to as well.


This Is Interesting. Now What?

Talk is cheap. Interviews are incredibly difficult to discern good fits. Historic work is good, but not perfect. We try to run a very short, paid test to cover the gap (3-5 hrs of work). 

If you test, interpret the instructions as you see fit. Better yet, let us know why the test is dumb and what the actual test should be. We want you to demonstrate your best self: 

How you identify and solve problems
How fantastic your intuition is (even with your minimal exposure to us)
The dynamic range of your skills (why you're not just an 'artistic' designer)

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